The mission of Southern California Medical Center is to deliver the highest quality of health care to the underserved population with a focus on education and prevention. The management staff and Board of Directors at SCMC believe in order to understand the needs of the community, they first have to understand the culture of such a population and able to break those linguistic barriers. We believe in educating community members of all colors, creeds, & ages on prevention in order to keep our community filled with healthy and happy families.


Southern California Medical Center has been created with the focus of the well being of our community, especially the underserved and low-income population. The vision of SCMC is to create healthy and happy families by focusing on educating our patients on their life style choices to further prevent serious & costly health problems. We here at SCMC are dedicated to creating a new era in health care, focusing on one child, one mother, & one family at a time. We take great pride in partnering with the local pillars in our community in the best interest of Health & Wellness. The entire staff at SCMC follows the vision and mission of the organization in treating & caring for the low income, underserved population with integrity and respect for each patient. The Management and Board of Directors of SCMC are dedicated to ensuring that all of our staff members treat patients equally regardless of their income, race, gender, or their appearance.

"Southern California Medical Center, Inc. is dedicated in creating one large healthy community." - Sheila Busheri, CEO


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