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Abbas Hosseini

Abbas Hosseini
Sr. Data Analyst/Quality Improvement
& Assurance Coordinator

Data and Research Analyst with solid experience in utilizing analytical methods to develop beneficial insights into research processes, knowledgeable in the latest statistical and analytical tools to develop executive reports, Strong analytical skills; support operations through analysis of key performance indicators and trends, Rapidly adapt to new technologies and possess expertise with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and broad range of statistical software. …

• Design personalized surveys and plan of research objectives, research methodology, survey item development, piloting/testing, survey distribution, data collection, creating data model, statistical analysis and reporting
• Manipulate large administrative datasets, performing data cleaning, dataset linking, and creation of analytic datasets using SAS, Python and SQL and Excel
• Conduct presentations to management of the results of surveys in monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis in the form of reports, graphs and tables using Tableau, PowerPoint and Excel
• Guide decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures.
• Prepare special reports by using SAP ERP for collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.
• Analyze and manage complex data derived from multiple data sources
• Establish new forecasting tracking and management reporting system to improve availability and accuracy of financial data, triggering 15% increase in accuracy.
• Conduct quantitative analysis of financial data to forecast revenue, identify future trends, and assess risk associated with capital expenditures, acquisitions.
• Compile and reviewed complex data to assess accounts and business units.
• Perform ad-hoc analysis and reporting.

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