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Dental Services

Our low-cost dental clinic offers dental services for those with no health insurance. Dental care is an essential part of comprehensive medical care. And we are here to provide it.

What Dental Services Does Southern California Medical Center Provide?

At Southern California Medical Center, we provide quality dental care for the uninsured in our communities. Our clinic has locations in Pomona, Van Nuys, Long Beach, El Monte, and Pico Rivera.

The dental care we offer includes:

  • Preventive dental care

  • X-rays and exams

  • Periodontics

  • Professional teeth cleaning

  • Laboratory crowns

  • Children’s dentistry

  • Fluoride treatment

  • Scaling and root planing (deep cleaning)

  • Restorative services

  • Composite and amalgam fillings

  • Removable and fixed prosthodontics

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Checkups and other preventive services can help you avoid serious dental conditions that can affect your health.


Our low-cost health clinic offers a chance for low-income families to receive regular dental checkups. During your checkup, you can get professional teeth cleaning.

We also offer fluoride treatments to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent it from chipping away. For those who have a high or moderate risk of developing cavities, fluoride treatments can be a huge help.

With on-site specialists, you can also get the tests and X-rays you need without traveling to another location. You do not even have to make another appointment. We also offer services to help keep your jaw and gums healthy.

It is especially important for children to receive dental care. That is why we have experts at our comprehensive health center who can handle all types of children’s dentistry.

For people who have damaged teeth, we offer laboratory crowns. Crowns can help prevent dental health issues. They also relieve pain that happens when teeth are missing enamel or have other issues.

Gum disease is a serious problem that affects many people. We offer scaling and root planing for those who face gum disease. These are very deep cleaning techniques that remove bacteria and help treat infections.

We also offer restorative dentistry for people who have damaged dental structures. Some of the services we offer include bridges, filings, and implants. For fillings, we offer both composite and amalgam options. We want you to have dental care that suits your needs best.

At Southern California Medical Center, we also provide removable and fixed dentures. These might be full dentures or partial dentures, depending on your individual needs.

Our center offers dental care for low-income families because we know that the health of your mouth is vital to your well-being. We run a free clinic for those who qualify. Southern California Medical Center also accepts Medi-Cal.

We offer multilingual services so that we can help members of the Hispanic, Korean, Iranian, and Cambodian communities.

Besides our dental services, we also offer mental health care, physical therapy, and pediatric care. We can also provide primary medical care, vision care, pregnancy care, and orthopedics. If you need to consult with a specialist, you can do so on the same day and at our location. We will help you get the help you need, when you need it.

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We serve multinational and multicultural communities. We have a call team who can speak to you in Spanish, Khmer, Korean, and Farsi.


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FREE Transportation

We offer free transportation to our clinics so you don’t need to worry about being able to get to your appointment. We want you to feel supported and relaxed when you arrive at one of our state-of-the-art clinics.


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