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Dr. Rasekhi

Dr. Rasekhi

As the CMO of Southern California Medical Center, Inc. Dr. Rasekhi is an enduring trailblazer in Community Health. Under his visionary leadership, SCMC has transformed from a family practice clinic that he founded in 1994 in East Los Angeles, into the nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center in California, with the goal of keeping the community healthy beyond his own life cycle.
Dr. Rasekhi has always understood that a community’s health is indivisible from its prosperity.  He saw a need: people in low-income neighborhoods throughout the Southland were significantly underserved by essential health resourced.
By meeting this one fundamental requirement, he changed the face of one community…then another, with the goal of getting to all underserved communities, one center at the time. Providing medical, dental and mental health to communities in need.
Over the years, Dr. Rasekhi has succeeded in building an essential resource for thousands of underserved residents throughout Southern California, and, in the process, created a model of excellence for health centers and communities everywhere.
SCMC’s standard of care and consistently has made it an exemplar of what a community-focused health center can be.

Dr. Rasekhi Background:

Dr. Rasekhi has been a board certified internal medicine physician for the past 25 years.
He earned his medical doctor degree from Shiraz University in 1979. He practiced medicine in underserved communities of Iran until He immigrated to United States in 1986.
Then attended post graduate internal medicine internship at the State University of New York, followed by his full residency at Martin Luther King Hospital Medical Center where He became specialized in Internal Medicine in 1992, He has and continues to passionately practiced medicine in underserved communities.

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