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Omar Kader

Omar Kader

Omar Kader, Chief Financial & Operations Officer, strives to integrate financial accountability into all aspects of the organization to focus incredibly on cost control and budgeting discipline with an assertive cost management model.  His goal is to weather future economic storms by analyzing and forecasting data as well as participate in strategic planning and decisions.
In this role, he oversees the financial, administrative and operations of all sites as well as work with the Executive Team and its Board of Directors’.  Mr. Kader assumes a strategic role in the overall management by assisting in formulating the organizations future direction and initiatives as well as monitor and direct the implementation of business plans.
With his 20+ years of not for profit experience in operations, finance and management Mr. Kader provides a unique niche and motivation for him to continue impacting individuals both directly and indirectly; his motivation is over the top, indeed he serves as an independent contractor to other not for profits organizations.
His undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration provides a unique emphasis to be a financial & operational partner who can bridge the gaps among operational functions as well as develop and use new measurement tools that track progress towards an organizations’ mission and institute staff accountability, moreover, his model is “well-run charities operate like well-run businesses.”

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