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Sheila Busheri

Sheila Busheri

Chief Executive Officer/Founder

As CEO of Southern California Medical Center, Inc., Sheila Busheri joined the staff since it was founded as a not for profit organization in 2011. Prior to this, Ms. Busheri worked with the Chief Medical Officer during its private medical practice years, her vision is so dedicated to create one large healthy community that she helped to discover the Federally Qualified Health Center sector and started the process as a volunteer for three years to transition from a private practice to a not for profit organization.  Ms. Busheri is responsible for leading strategy development at Southern California Medical Center, Inc. which entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Organization’s long and short term plans.  She acts as a direct liaison between the Board of Directors and Management of the organization and communicate to the Board of Directors on behalf of Management.  She has rich business insights and remarkable track record of enabling staff to succeed in their roles with her multiple leadership roles with Universal Diagnostic Laboratories, SmithKline Beecham Laboratories and Unilab.  Her deep leadership experience and great integrity and values at SCMC has inspired incredible teamwork to motivate staff to go the extra mile to enhance quality, patient safety, patient experience and exceed clinical outcomes targets as well as delight patients with a compassionate commitment to their care.


Master of Science in Technology Management at Pepperdine University

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at Pahlavi University

License in Clinical Laboratory & Chemistry

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