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Physical Therapy

At our clinic for the uninsured, we offer physical therapy services to help our patients manage pain and increase mobility.

Physical Therapy at Southern California Medical Center

Southern California Medical Center proudly provides comprehensive medical care for those who do not have health insurance. We serve the Pomona, Long Beach, Van Nuys, El Monte, and Pico Rivera areas of Southern California.

Physical therapy is an important part of the services we offer. This type of therapy can include many different treatments:

  • Alleviating pain

  • Fitness

  • Proper posture

  • Balancing

  • Massage

  • Hot packs

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Manual therapy

  • Muscle stimulation

  • Staying healthy

  • Ultrasound therapy

  • TENS therapy

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No one should live with pain if there are ways of preventing it. At our clinic, we offer services that can help patients find pain relief.


Some strengthening exercises can help your muscles regain their strength and mobility. There are even posture exercises that can provide relief for those who suffer from back pain and cervical pain.

Manual therapy for pain relief is like a massage. However, it focuses on directly or indirectly targeting certain parts of your body. It is particularly helpful for problems with the skeleton.

Ultrasound therapy is another service we offer. This type of therapy uses sound waves to penetrate soft tissues. The sound waves cause more blood to flow into the area. Then, the blood brings oxygen and nutrients to heal the treatment area. This is an easy and non-invasive procedure that we can perform in just a few minutes.

Another method of pain relief is TENS. TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.” This treatment uses a mild electrical current to relieve pain at the treatment sites. The electrical signals interfere with the pain signals, relaxing muscles and allowing you to get relief. TENS can be a great option for sports injuries, arthritis pain, and more.

Southern California Medical Center is a free clinic for those who qualify. Our clinic also accepts Medi-Cal. We have a team of diverse specialists, so we can refer you to them on the same day and at the same location.

Our patients can receive pregnancy care, mental health care, and pediatric care. We also provide orthopedics, dental and vision care, and primary medical care.

At our comprehensive medical center, you can get the relief from pain you need to live a happier and more productive life.

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We serve multinational and multicultural communities. We have a call team who can speak to you in Spanish, Khmer, Korean, and Farsi.


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FREE Transportation

We offer free transportation to our clinics so you don’t need to worry about being able to get to your appointment. We want you to feel supported and relaxed when you arrive at one of our state-of-the-art clinics.


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